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Autohaus Polishing offers maintenance contracts for hand car wash in Santa Clarita, CA. By signing up with one of our maintenance contracts, your will ensure that the investment in your vehicle retains as much of it’s original value as possible! Considering that a vehicle is usually a significant investment in a person’s life, properly washing the vehicle is key as this will identify and address any damaged area(s) of the vehicle’s surfaces before it gets worse.

Autohaus Polishing implements a “2-bucket” hand car wash, with each bucket having its own grit guard. These grit guards ensure that the small particles of dirt removed from your vehicle during its wash accumulate at the bottom of the bucket and do not get redeposited and drawn over the surface of the paintwork. This is one of the most common mistakes during a hand car wash which result in fine scratches and swirl marks.

hand car wash

How Often Should You Hand Car Wash?

The intervals between washing your vehicle will depend on different variables including changes in climate, the current annual season, and of course how you use your vehicle. In most cases, a weekly wash is sufficient to keep your vehicle free of contaminants. If needed, Autohaus Polishing also offers iron decontamination and clay bar treatment.

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Washing Wheels, Tires, & Trim

Autohaus Polishing uses a designated non acidic wheel cleaner to help lift the contaminents from the wheels of your vehicle if they are heavily soiled. If only lightly soiled, we use a diluted all purpose cleaner. When going over trim pieces, we use various soft brushes to agitate and remove any ingrained dirt from common areas such the as grills and emblems.

To learn more about our hand car wash in Santa Clarita, please contact one of our IDA certified staff at 661-200-0710, or reach us online!