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The undercarriage of a vehicle is usually overlooked during regular car washes due to the lack of accessibility to it. At Autohaus Polishing, our IDE certified staff can professionally and safely perform vehicle undercarriage cleaning by utilizing our professional lift and/or our pressure washer lance using properly diluted Ph balanced products.

vehicle undercarriage cleaning

Vehicle Undercarriage Cleaning

We begin a vehicle undercarriage cleaning by performing a pre-rinse to loosen any stubborn or heavily soiled areas from your vehicle’s underside. After this rinse, we apply a specially formulated degreaser to further break down any remaining contaminants. We allow this degreaser to sit about 10 minutes so that the product can dwell. Once completed, we then will rinse and foam your vehicle’s undercarriage, including the wheel wells. This Ph balanced foaming treatment penetrates tight and difficult to reach areas to effectively break off all remaining dirt, grime, and greases. As with the previous step, we allow this foam to dwell for about 10 minutes. Once this time has passed, we then rinse off the foam using a pressure washer lance.

vehicle undercarriage cleaning

When Do You Wash Undercarriage?

It is not necessary to have an undercarriage cleaning each time you have a car wash! We only recommend to have this treatment performed when you know that your vehicle has been exposed to an excessively large amount of harmful contaminants or road salts. If this is not the case, Autohaus Polishing recommends to have a vehicle undercarriage cleaning performed once every 18 to 24 months as a preventive measure to minimize the build up of such harmful contaminants.

For more information about our vehicle undercarriage cleaning treatment, or to make an appointment, please send us an e-mail using our online messaging page. Rather give us a phone call? Our Santa Clarita facility is available to answer your telephone call from 9am to 6pm, seven days per week! Contact us at 661-200-0710.