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Dr Beasley's Authorized Auto Detailing in Santa Clarita

Professional Auto Detailing in Santa Clarita, CA

If you are searching for an auto detail in Santa Clarita, look no further than Autohaus Polishing! Our IDA Certified staff is the most professionally experienced auto detailing Santa Clarita has to offer! With over 20 years of management experience in detailing, we understand what it takes to thoroughly clean and restore your vehicle!

auto detail Santa Clarita

Autohaus Polishing prides itself as being the “go to shop” for auto detailing in Santa Clarita. We value the trust from the residents of the Santa Clarita valley for being their facility of choice to detail their vehicles! As a storefront facility, we are significantly different than that of local mobile detailing operators. The main difference of which is that we offer professional indoor paint correction and cabin decontamination services.

Paint Correction Detail

Paint correction is almost never offered at local car washes or through mobile detailing companies because this treatment is very labor intensive and usually takes at least 12 hours to complete! Car wash operatives and mobile detailing companies generally use filler-based products to polish the paint surface of a vehicle. This process should not be confused with the term paint correction as these fillers only temporarily “mask” the surface imperfections within the paint of the vehicle.

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Interior & Exterior Auto Detailing

Autohaus Polishing offers different detailing options for both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Depending on the existing condition of your vehicle and driving habits, our staff will recommend an option that is best suited for you so that your vehicle is kept in as good of a condition as much as possible during your time of ownership.

auto detailing in Santa Clarita

Lease Return? We Have You Covered!

Is your vehicle leased and you are approaching the end of your lease agreement? We offer a cost-effective detailing package specifically tailored for vehicles approaching their lease return. With our full detail plus polishing, you may save several thousands of dollars in excess wear and tear charges!