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Waterspot Removal – How to Remove Water Spots?

What is a good waterspot remover? If you find yourself constantly battling with stubborn water spots on your vehicle, fret no more! As part of our car detailing and polishing services, Autohaus Polishing offers water spot removal options to address those pesky water spots! Water spots can be a real nuisance, leaving behind unsightly marks on your vehicle’s paint and glass! But fear not, as we have solutions that will make those water spots a thing of the past! Whether you’re dealing with glass, mirrors, or your car’s exterior, Autohaus Polishing has you covered!

So how  can you remove water spots from your car? There is no cookie cutter program like for glass, unfortunately! Every vehicle paint and its water etchings are unique! We begin the process by performing an acid based wash to neutralize the calcium. We then use proprietary products to further decontaminate the defects and prep the vehicle for paint correction. See the video below for an example of our AMAZING results!

Removing Water Spots Using Vinegar & Water

You may have heard that a simple vinegar and water solution works for glassware and mirrors, but when it comes to automotive paint, it gets a bit more complicated! Yes, this combo work well on glass when mixing equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and is actually quite easy when applied correctly! Simply spray the mixed solution onto the affected surface, then wipe it down with a soft cloth or paper towel, and voila! Your glassware and mirrors will be left clean, with no water spots in sight! There are some cases where the calcium deposits are deeply etched within the glass. For those situations, you will need our glass polishing service.

What are Water Spot Etchings?

Water spots are caused when water droplets are left to sit on the surface of your vehicle, drying in the sun and heat. The rain, sprinklers, and puddles all contain mineral deposits that should be cleaned off before they dry. They will evaporate, leaving mineral stains on the vehicle’s clear coat, paint, glass, and rubber or plastic surfaces. If ignored, these mineral stains may cause permanent damage to the surface.

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Our staff is certified by the International Detailing Association (IDA) for nearly all vehicle makes and models! As a Dr. Beasley’s partner, you will have peace of mind whenever leaving your vehicle with Autohaus Polishing because we only use the most professional products available within the detailing industry!

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