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Ceramic Coating in Santa Clarita

If you are looking for ceramic coating in Santa Clarita, contact Autohaus Polishing! What is a Ceramic Coating and what does it do? These are some common questions we get from our customers so let’s spend some time discussing this. Ceramic Coating has become more and more popular within the past few years for vehicle owners who want to protect their investment. Popular brands for these coatings include Dr. Beasley’s and Ceramic Pro. By adding this coating to your vehicle, your are  applying a liquid polymer (by hand) to the exterior of the vehicle.

The coating then chemically bonds with the vehicle’s factory paint, creating a layer of protection. For this reason, Autohaus Polishing strongly recommends to have a thorough paint correction service BEFORE the application of any ceramic coating.

Ceramic Coating

A ceramic application will create a permanent or semi-permanent bond when properly applied to the vehicle’s paint. A key benefits of having this coating installed is that it will not wash away or break down! If your vehicle is often exposed to the sun, the clear coat or paint may begin to oxidize over time. This is one of the reasons you might see vehicles with dull and faded paint! When a layer of Ceramic Coating is properly installed early enough, the vehicle’s paint will remain protected from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This will then reduce the amount of oxidization!

In summary, a Ceramic Coating will add additional layers of protection to your vehicle’s exterior paint. The hydrophobic surface will also keep your vehicle looking like-new with fairly minimal maintenance. If you have additional questions or would like to discuss the application of Ceramic Coating in Santa Clarita on your vehicle, give us our experienced team call at 661-200-0710 and one of our IDA certified techs will be happy to go over your vehicle’s unique needs!