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Headlight restoration is the process of decontaminating and polishing the exterior housing of the vehicle’s headlights. If not corrected, the performance of these headlights may then become compromised over time due to the bonded surface contaminants. These contaminents can include hard water spots, bug splats, and harmful UV rays. When unaddressed, these items will slowly “bake” on the headlight lenses.

headlight restoration

Headlight Restoration: Cleaning Techniques

If proper cleaning techniques are taken, vehicle headlights can be effectively restored to “like new” conditions. Autohaus Polishing implements the following steps when we perform headlight restoration on your vehicle:

  1. Decontamination & Clay Bar: We thoroughly clean and clay the headlights to remove all loose and bonded surface contaminants.
  2. Wet Sanding: Some vehicle headlights may contain stone chips or deep scratches that cannot be repaired through polishing. These areas will need to be wet sanded prior to our compounding and polishing steps.
  3. Compounding & Polishing: We machine polish the vehicle’s headlights, matching the appropriate pads to the abrasive compounds and polishes accordingly.
  4. Apply Base Coat & Sealant: To properly protect the vehicle’s headlights and prevent them from fading again, our IDA certified techs will apply a base coat and synthetic sealant after we complete our compounding and polishing steps.

Once the headlight restoration is complete, your vehicle’s headlights can then be maintained by a regular hand wash along with the rest of the vehicle. Autohaus Polishing does offer a contracted maintenance hand car wash service as well for those looking to have their vehicles properly washed and detailed on a monthly basis.

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