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Engine Bay Cleaning Service in Santa Clarita

For most vehicle owners, a clean engine bay is a symbolism for “pride of ownership.” However, this is not the only reason to perform an engine bay cleaning service. This cleaning is similar to our exterior detailing service because we consider this as a form of preventative maintenance. After this treatment is completed, your mechanic may then be able to discover potential problems before they develop into a more serious concern. For example, if your mechanic detected leaks while inspecting your vehicle, the cleaning may assist them in determining where the leak is coming from afterwards.

vehicle engine bay cleaning

Furthermore, cleaning the engine bay prevents any excess grease, oil, and dirt to build up around important or sensitive components within the engine bay. Keeping these components clean through these proper procedures will ensure that your vehicle will remain more reliable in the future!

Increase Resale Value!

The engine bay is one of the more important factors if your vehicle is up for sale! It is often overlooked when it comes to cleaning but helps with the resale value when inspected by potential buyers – when clean! Even if buyers may not be mechanics themselves, a clean engine bay will suggest to them that the vehicle’s mechanics were properly maintained with exceptional care during its course of ownership.

When to Clean Your Engine, and How Often…

Autohaus Polishing recommends to have your engine bay cleaned if any of the following conditions apply:

  • Shortly after your vehicle has received a “major” service
  • You would like to determine a leak and where it’s coming from
  • You are planning to sell your vehicle
  • Your vehicle will be displayed in a car show

engine bay detail

Unless your vehicle is driven in extreme conditions, our engine bay detailing will last for a good period of time! Contact Autohaus Polishing today at 661-200-0710 to schedule your vehicle’s engine bay detail. Our IDA certified staff will treat your car just like it is one of our very own!