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Why would you need a car glass polishing? Certain elements may from time to time can embed themselves on the exterior of your vehicle’s glass surfaces. This may then result in unwanted streaks and sometimes that “fog like” appearance, even after a regular car wash and cleaning!  For this main reason, Autohaus Polishing recommends to have a car glass polishing at least once a year. Annual car glass polishing helps to keep the windshield and other glass surfaces looking cleaner and for longer periods of time throughout the months. It also assists by repelling water and dirt, preventing the glass from misting up during colder temperatures.

car glass polishing

Car Glass Polishing & Bug Spats

If your vehicle’s windshield is the victim of several bug splats and regular washing does not remove these contaminants, a specially formulated bug splat solution is necessary to safely address this problem. If necessary, Autohaus Polishing will apply this solution during our hand car wash treatment prior to the polishing treatment. As with any polishing job, the glass will then need to be decontaminated with a clay bar before beginning the polishing stage.

Curing Before Final Wipe Down…

During the polishing treatment, we allow the glass compound to fully dry and cure before we remove any remaining residue. This practice helps to lift off even the smallest smears. It may sometimes be necessary to apply additional rounds of polishing to fully remove some of the more stubborn contaminants on your vehicle’s glass. In any case, our IDA certified facility will return your vehicle’s glass to the best possible condition prior to delivering your vehicle back to you!

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