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Car polishing and waxing are recommended every two or three months for most vehicles that have a good paint finish on them. Depending on the products used during the car polishing, you may even be able to go up to 6 months before your next car polishing treatment if your vehicle is usually parked indoors and not as exposed to natural elements. Vehicles that are less exposed to natural elements usually will not need to be polished more than twice a year unless it has been in contact with industrial fallout or rail, at which time it should quickly receive an iron decontamination wash along with a clay bar treatment if polishing is not possible.

car polishing

Car Polishing & Paint Correction

Car polishing should not be misinterpreted with paint correction. Polishing is a process to enhance the vehicle’s paintwork by using abrasives to slowly level out small surface defects within your vehicle’s paint. In this process, the polishing abrasives will fill and mask such defects. In a paint correction process, the defects are actually removed by removing some of the clear coat through additional leveling.

The video below is an example of our Paint Enhancement Treatment, which consists of performing an iron decontamination wash, a clay bar treatment, polishing, and adding a polymer sealant.


Polymer Sealant & Traditional Waxing

Waxing is the process of adding protection to your vehicle’s paintwork after the polishing treatment. Wax is a natural carnauba product which does not contain abrasives or paint fillers. It is applied to a freshly polished surface to add depth to the finished paintwork. A polymer sealant on the other hand is man-made synthetic application which is also used to protect the paintwork after polishing. However, because a polymer sealant is a synthetic product, it tends to be much more durable than natural wax.

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