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After we perform a hand wash of your vehicle, Autohaus Polishing may then recommend to proceed with a clay bar treatment. In this application, our goal is to remove any bonded surface contaminants from your vehicle’s exterior paint. Usually, these contaminants cannot be removed by a standalone wash as they are bonded to the paintwork of the car. It is important that these bonded contaminants be removed sooner rather than later because they can attract and accumulate additional debris, which if not addressed, it may even weaken the vehicle’s paintwork.

clay bar

When Should You Clay Bar?

Generally, a clay bar treatment is recommended as a step prior to any polishing or paint correction. This is important because if contaminants are picked up during the polishing stage, they would inflict swirl marks. A clay bar treatment should not be performed after every wash. If your vehicle has been recently cleaned, polished, and protected, you may not need this application as it may increase the likelihood of damaging the finish of the paint. Autohaus Polishing recommends to clay bar your vehicle every 6-8 months, unless the vehicle is exposed to harsh elements on a regular basis, at which point we would advise to regularly wash and protect the paintwork by applying an additional layer of wax or sealant.

Iron Decontamination Treatment

Our Iron Decontamination Treatment is completely safe and very effective on both automotive paint and its clear coat. This is an optional treatment but depending on your vehicle’s condition, it can be very effective. During this treatment, we apply a solution after a hand wash. This solution then turns the iron into a water soluble complex (purple elements above), which we then immediately wash off.

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