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Dr Beasley's Authorized Detailer

Autohaus Polishing recommends to have a vehicle’s convertible top cleaning to be performed by experienced industry professionals! Although some local car wash personnels may have the proper training, in the event that your top has not been cleaned for an extended period of time, we do recommend to thoroughly clean and remove any deposits and ingrained contaminants beforehand. Taking these preventive measures will ensure that your convertible top will remain sufficiently protected throughout the course of its use. Once a thorough cleaning has been completed, it may then be regularly washed along with the rest of your vehicle.

convertible top cleaning

Most convertible top material is designed to breathe. Unfortunately, if neglected over time, the water may begin to work its way through the material which then may leak to the interior cabin of your vehicle. For this reason, Autohaus Polishing recommends treating your convertible top to help protect it from the sun’s harmful rays and other natural elemants. Doing so will prevent the top from drying out and premature discoloration and/or fading of the top’s material.

Convertible Top Cleaning Treatment

Initially, our IDA certified techs will first use a Ph balanced product and thoroughly complete a convertible top cleaning treatment. We use soft bristled brushes to work the Ph elements to help remove any stubborn dirts and deposits. After which we would dry off the top with a soft designated micro-fiber drying towel. Once completely dry, we would then apply protection to the top’s material. This protection is specially tailored to the material, depending on whether it is a woven fabric or a synthetic vinyl. We offer this service as part of our exterior detailing!

For more information on our convertible top cleaning service, give our team a phone call at our Santa Clarita facility at 661-200-0710.