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At Autohaus Polishing, we can’t stress enough how important it is to properly perform a car leather cleaning and conditioning treatment. Leather is an animal rawhide, and so it is absolutely essential to keep it clean and properly conditioned to ensure it remains in good structure while achieving maximum durability. Unfortunately, if leather is not properly maintained, it may eventually become discolored.

car leather cleaning

So how often should you have a car leather cleaning and conditioning treatment? The age and condition of your leather will determine how often it should be cleaned. On average, we recommend to do so every 6 to 12 months.

Over the Counter Car Leather Cleaning Products

For consumers, there are many car leather cleaning and conditioning products available for purchase over the counter, and for the most part, they will deliver satisfactory results. In a professional environment however, these “all-in-one” products are sometimes not the recommended approach. At Autohaus Polishing, we use only professional products whenever we perform our interior detailing services because some of today’s luxury and exotic vehicles have very sensitive leather trim. When cleaned using incorrect Ph balanced products, you run the risk of damaging the leather permanently. Furthermore, certain leather types such as alcantara and nubuck sueded grain, require specific cleaning products and techniques.

Different Types of Car Leather

  • Full Grain or Top Grain Leather
  • Corrected or Embossed Grain
  • Split Suede
  • Nubuck Sueded Grain
  • Reconstituted, Bonded or Fibre Leather

Recommended Cleaning Steps…

Autohaus Polishing begins the leather cleaning by thoroughly vacuuming any loose dirt and particles from the vehicle. Once this initial step is complete, we proceed with cleaning the leather surface using a proper Ph balanced cleaning solution.

Leather Conditioning Treatment

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