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Dr Beasley's Authorized Detailer

As an IDA certified car detailing facility, Autohaus Polishing is able to safely perform scratch repairs on your vehicle. A successful car scratch repair treatment is contingent upon a number of variables including the depthless of the scratch, the shape of the body panel where the scratch is located, and the condition of the vehicle’s clear coat. The removal of scratches is quite similar to our paint correction service. Generally, a scratch in the paintwork will be categorized into two different treatment options; those that are in the vehicle’s clear coat only, and those that penetrated beyond the clear coat and into the actual paint of the vehicle.

Car Scratch Repair for Clear Coat

For scratches that are embedded within the surface of the vehicles clear coat, our car scratch repair process will consist of the following steps:

  1. Measuring the depthless of the clear coat to determine expectation of repairs
  2. Thoroughly decontaminating the scratch and surrounding area
  3. Leveling the paint using abrasive compounding with proper machinery
  4. Polishing and sealing

car scratch

Color Sanding

For deeper car scratches, such as those that can be felt by your fingernail for example, the treatment options will be limited to either repainting the damaged area, or to proceed with color sanding. Depending on the actual cavity of the scratch and the condition of the vehicle’s clear coat, color sanding may be the best approach for certain vehicle owners who would rather not have paintwork repairs on their car. With color sanding, the cavity of the scratch is filled with factory specific touch up paint and then sanded using a range of appropriate fine grade wet & dry sanding paper. Once this process is completed, we then proceed to safely level the paint.

To learn more about our car scratch repair treatment or to make an appointment, contact us at our Santa Clarita facility at 661-200-0710.