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Car Upholstery Shampoo Service

If you are in in search for a car carpet shampoo in Santa Clarita, look no further than Autohaus Polishing! We understand that every vehicle owner is different with their driving habits. There is no cookie cutter program to have a car upholstery shampoo service. At Autohaus Polishing, we offer a number of solutions to properly clean and decontaminate your vehicle’s interior.

car upholstery shampoo extractor

There is no denying that the carpets and seating areas are the most heavily used parts of the vehicle. Our IDA certified staff understands that some vehicles will require a more thorough cleaning than others. If your vehicle is fitted with leather interior, we can also offer a tailored car leather cleaning and conditioning service.

Having said that, it is very important to keep these areas especially clean for hygienic reasons. For example, if you have pets or children, then it is more likely that your vehicle will become a breeding environment for a variety of bacteria in as little as three months! Children will usually leave food deposits throughout their seating areas while pets may attract bacteria from areas before they entered the vehicle.

Benefits of Using a Soil Extractor for Upholstery Shampoo

As part of our interior detailing service, Autohaus Polishing uses a hot water extraction machine for our decontamination treatment. Our hot water extractor produces between 180-200 degrees Fahrenheit of hot water. These temperatures effectively break down (while extracting) the harmful elements and stains within your vehicle’s carpets and seat fabrics.

Using Steam as an Upholstery Shampoo

Another choice for interior detailing is to use steam. For this application, Autohaus Polishing uses a dry vapor steamer. This machine generates very hot steam with very little moisture, unlike our extraction option. Since the steam generated from this machine is extremely hot, it is actually possible to clean and decontaminate the interior of your vehicle without the use of any chemicals. This is especially important to chemical-sensitive vehicle owners. Our dry vapor steamer can be used to clean lightly soiled carpeting, seat fabrics, leather seats, headliners, and some interior trim panels.

CDC Guidelines: Cleaning & Disinfection for Vehicles

As you can see, frequently performing a car upholstery shampoo service is essential for your vehicle’s decontamination and the health of your occupants, which is even more true in light of the recent pandemic with COVID-19. In that regard, the CDC recommends specific guidelines to be followed for vehicles that are being cleaned and disinfected when there is suspicion or confirmation that a passenger had a Coronavirus Disease. More information on that can be read by visiting their website.

If you would like to make an appointment to bring your vehicle in for a car carpet shampoo and decontamination, call or text us at 661-200-0710 and one of our certified team members will assist you!