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Dr Beasley's Authorized New Car Prep Detailing

New Car Prep Detail & Interior Detailing

Have you recently purchased a new vehicle and you are looking for a New Car Prep Detail or perhaps a full interior detailing protection treatment? If so, Autohaus Polishing highly recommends that you consider protecting the paint along with the interior of your new vehicle with our signature “New Car Protection Detail.” Unlike local car washes, Autohaus Polishing is an IDA Certified facility and proud detailing partner of Dr. Beasley’s. We have the experience necessary to properly treat and protect nearly all makes and models, including exotics!

New Car Prep Detail

Our “New Car Protection Detail” will protect both your vehicle’s interior and exterior components. To enjoy the full value of this detail, Autohaus Polishing recommends that you your vehicle be no more than two months old, so that we can properly re-seal the vehicle’s painted surfaces and continue to do so on an annual basis. Taking these preventive measures will further protect your vehicle’s paint from premature clear coat failure!

What Does our Detailing Include?

Our interior detailing includes the following services:

  • Air Purge & Vacuum Interior
  • Clean & Condition Vinyl & Leather Surfaces
  • Clean & Condition Vehicle’s Dashboard, Console & Door Panels
  • Clean & Protect the Vehicle’s Upholstery, Carpet, & Floor Mats
  • Protect & Seal Vinyl & Leather Surfaces

Exterior detailing includes the following items:

  • Decontaminating Hand Wash
  • Clean Wheels & Tires
  • Clay Bar Treatment to Remove Environmental Fallout
  • One-Step Polish
  • Apply a Polymer Sealant – Protection for up to 12 Months!
  • Condition Tires & Exterior Trim
  • Polish & Protect Vehicle Door Pillar Paint (if applicable)

Contact our staff today for your new vehicle’s first detail! We will happily answer any of your detailing questions to help better inform you on how to properly wash your vehicles and keep it looking like new for years to come! You may call or text us to our shop line at 661-200-0710 and one of our certified team members will promptly get back to you!